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Botanics Translucent Glaze

$ 19.99

Clear Glaze Is a translucent clear glaze to assist in adding colour and dimension to your painted pieces. Add a little or a lot over your paint finish as is, or colored with paint to suit your needs. The more colour you add to your glaze the more opaque the glaze will be.  Works great as a clear topcoat! 

Charcoal Black Antiquing Glaze is a gorgeous translucent charcoal black assists in adding age to your painted pieces. Charcoal glaze will add a black smokey to dark black translucent finish depending on the number of coats.  

Antique Brown Antiquing Glaze 

Brushed Silver Glaze

Soft Gold Glaze

True Copper Glaze

Our BOTANICS glaze also helps protect your paint finish.

A 250ml bottle of BOTANICS glaze will last you many projects. You are able to dilute glaze with water

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