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Gardening Pot with Clay Impression Kit

  • $ 34.99

This kit includes what you need to make an impression with IOD Air Dry Clay and Stamps and add it to a gardening pot.  Please read the choices carefully. These are ready to ship and you can follow along with the instructional video and receive 1:1 assistance via messenger 

Basic Kit Includes:

two 5 inch clay pots & liners

1 package IOD Air Dry Clay

4 oz. Titebond Thick and Quick Glue

two pieces of IOD Crockery Stamp 

Deluxe Kit Includes:

everything in Basic Kit

8 oz of DIY White Swan Paint (if you’d like a different color, comment in the NOTE section of your order)

4 oz DIY Wax Clear

4 Oz DIY Wax Black

Deluxe without Pots Kit Includes:

just as it sounds! 

everything in Deluxe Kit except for the 2 clay pots 

Choose to add:

DIY Pennies From Heaven, 8 oz.

DIY Shipwreck Verdigris Wax, 4 oz.

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