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About Serendipity

Hi!  I’m Michelle of Serendipity House LLC in Southern New Hampshire. Painting has long been my Therapy.  Always open to experimenting, understanding how and why various mediums work the way they do, telling myself, “it’s just paint,” failing time and again, and surrounding myself with supportive creatives has lead me here.

Serendipity House was born in 2013 by a leap of faith. Painting had not been my career path, but I had actually been doing it since it could pick up a crayon. It was serendipity that this happened when and how it did in my life. It makes me so excited to encourage others to follow their dreams, pick up a brush and create! Teaching is my passion and in my blood! 

I love textural work, layering, multi media, blending and experimenting. I lose myself in my work, as I’m sure many of you do, and pieces almost seem to create themseleves! Debi’s DIY clay and chalk paint is my paint of choice, and I incorporate a lot of Iron Orchid Designs products into my work, as well. I only sell products I love, use, and trust, and I hope that when people see my videos or meet me, they can feel that same excitement.

Serendipity House is located in Southern New Hampshire, USA.  My furnishings and vintage finds are sold in a great shop in Peterborough New Hampshire called Bowerbird & Friends.  I do small group workshops, online virtual workshops, weekly tutorials for DIY Paint and Iron Orchid Designs, a You Tube Channel, an Etsy Shop, and an online shop for my favorite products at