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Transfers IOD-Iron Orchid Designs

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***Your shipping cost is what the PO charges us. If you over pay by more than $2 we refund you. Once in a while, a combination of products will NOT fit in one box and I need to ship separately and contact you to request extra shipping incurred. I do my best and I get creative, but there’s no logical way to combine an order with 1 Transfer Pad, 1 Clay, 1 quart of Paint and 1 Transfer Tube.  This keeps me up nights! LOL. 🤣 I appreciate your understanding, Michelle

IOD Decor Transfers
are a little delicate, need a little extra care, but are so worth it. With a little instruction, they are easy to use and add instant style to your projects.  All sales final. 


Keep your transfer with its backing sheet until you are ready to apply. Keep free of dust or debris, do not allow the adhesive side of transfer to touch anything prior to application. Do not store transfer in extreme temperatures or humid conditions, which can affect adhesion.


Start with a clean, dry, surface. If painted, make sure it’s well cured, and that there is no residual dust From sanding, as this will interfere with adhesion. We recommend applying a water based topcoat or Shellac prior to applying a Transfer. This helps the Transfer to release and offers optimum adhesion.  

Carefully remove the transfer from its backing. Slowly and carefully lower the transfer onto your intended surface, making sure that it does not touch until the placement is correct. Use small pieces of low tack tape to hold it in place.

Using the provided tool, rub firmly to adhere the image to the surface. Do this until the entire image is transferred. Watch our tutorials to see how we use an air bubble to move the process along!  We call this “catching an air bubble” or “riding the wave!”   Once transferred, use a clean dry cloth to smooth down any bits that aren’t flatly adhered. We call this “burnishing.”  

We recommend sealing with a water based (or not harsh solvent based) sealer or solvent free wax.