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Brushes by DIY Paint

  • $ 24.00

Blending Brush:  This flat paddle brush is perfect for blending and layering colors. Whether you are going for an ombre finish or highlights, this nifty number has a flat handle and smooth long lasting, no shedding synthetic bristles that will help you layer up the colors.  2.5 wide handle

Wax Brush:  Smooth as butter, long lasting, no shedding bristles for a chillaxed finish. This brush holds a lot of wax.  Dense, silky bristles make it perfect for loading DIY wax on to your surface easily, blends like butter. High Quality Synthetic Round waxer

The "Insider" is great for getting into all the cracks and crevices of furniture and DIY projects. The quarter sized pointed tip holds a lot of paint.   The smooth synthetic, long lasting, no shedding bristles make it easy to blend in small areas.  High Quality Synthetic Round

Well Rounded: This brush is a multi purpose wonderbrush.  It holds a lot of paint!  Smooth synthetic long lasting, no shedding bristles make this brush great for blending or building texture. High Quality Synthetic.

Made in Italy, Exclusively for DIY Paint. 

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