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      Join the Serendipity House Project Competition!


      No crowns 👑 at Serendipity House - just creative fun (+ prizes🏆)

      You probably landed on this page because you're a fan of my Youtube channel and the step-by-step project tutorials I love to  share. Well, guess what - things are about to get a whole lot better, my creative friend.

      Announcing the launch of the Serendipity House Project Competition. Entering is sooooo easy - scroll down a bit and you'll find the details. Get ready to create, snap a picture of your finished project, and stand back - because you're about to be a winner!

      Meet the woman behind Serendipity House

      Michelle Phippard

      Hi! Michelle here, from Serendipity House LLC in Southern New Hampshire. I believe everyone has a unique "creating personality" and journey and I want to share mine with you: 

      "Painting has long been my Therapy. I'm always open to experimenting, understanding how and why various mediums work the way they do, telling myself, “it’s just paint,” and failing time and again. But surrounding myself with supportive creatives has led me here - to you!"

       I love to encourage and teach the creative process, and not just via my project tutorials. I love watching you dive in and try it for yourself most of all. It's pure magic for me. Hopefully for you, too. So we're having a monthly competition to encourage YOU to have creative fun with ME.

      All The Details

      The competition focuses on a new project every month. The kick-off project for June, 2021, is a gorgeous Wood Serving Tray: a little DIY Paint magic, sprinkled with some Iron Orchid Designs Decor Transfers, and sealed with a shiny epoxy resin finish. Voila!  ➡

      To enter the competition, recreate the month's project (or art piece of your choice using the same category of products) and take a photo when you finish. To get submission instructions and monthly project details, enter your email address down below.

      ** I'll send you an email with this month's entry details and important dates right away. 

      Each month, all entry photos are posted on the Serendipity House Facebook page so everyone can vote. The winner's prize: a $25 gift certificate at Serendipity House (to help support your creative habit 😬 .)

      Get entry details for the Project Competition 

      Once you're on the list, you'll be redirected to all the competition details. Plus, you'll receive regular announcements for the next month's competition. Bonus: I'll keep you up-to-date on any new products, videos, and tutorials.