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Old Barn Milk Paint

MILK PAINT comes in powdered form and needs to be mixed with water. It has great adhesion on raw wood, and on previously finished surfaces, just add our bonding cream to improve adhesion.   

MIXING TIPS:  When mixing small containers of the paint by hand, it is easiest to make a paste of the powder with some of the water and stir until smooth.  Gradually add more water until you reach the desired consistency.  Mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. Then let stand for 10-15 minutes so everything has a chance to disperse completely.

Strain: Sometimes powder lumps don't fully dissolve. You can strain the mixed paint through a paper mesh paint funnel, cheesecloth, or nylon stocking.

Stir: Stir paint every 10 minutes or so while using and add more water to the proper consistency if the paint thickens.

Best Used Fresh: Milk paint is always best mixed up fresh. If you happen to have leftover paint, keep in a sealed container in the refrigerator overnigjt. It keeps best if mixed on the thinner side, even with a thin layer of water put on top of the paint mixture. 

MILK PAINT is a 100% natural, zero VOC paint that is completely biodegradable and non toxic.