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Gardening Pot with Clay Impression Kit

  • $ 34.99

This kit includes what you need to make an impression with IOD Air Dry Clay and Stamps and add it to a gardening pot.  Please read the choices carefully. These are ready to ship.  Request to join our private FB group called “Serendipity House DIY IOD Creating with Kits” and have your order number/kit name ready. We will do this project together, via recorded instruction and live video.

Basic Kit Includes:

two 5 inch clay pots & liners

1 package IOD Air Dry Clay

4 oz. Titebond Thick and Quick Glue

two pieces of IOD Crockery Stamp 

entry into private FB Group

Deluxe Kit Includes:

everything in Basic Kit

8 oz of DIY White Swan Paint (if you’d like a different color, comment in the NOTE section of your order)

4 oz DIY Wax Clear

4 Oz DIY Wax Black

Deluxe without Pots Kit Includes:

just as it sounds! 

everything in Deluxe Kit except for the 2 clay pots 

Choose to add:

DIY Pennies From Heaven, 8 oz.

DIY Shipwreck Verdigris Wax, 4 oz.

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